Not only it is a very homey country. It is also full of surprises and unexpected wonders. When you buy a house in Mexico you are now forming part of its culture. This means being part of an enormous warmn family. 
Hence the colonial city of San Miguel De Allende is a perfect example of such. Here foreign people make up 13% of it’s population. Specially people who are looking for the perfect place to retire. By the time you decide to buy a house in Mexico you will run into the coolest neighboors. You will also realize that home is wherever you are. Therefore you shouldn’t be scared of going away and starting over. 

Antojitos everywhere

Undeniably Mexico’s gastronomy is a must. It is elaborateand often tides to symbolism and festivals. It is recognized as an example of the Intangible Cultural Heritageof Humanity by UNESCO. When you decide to buy a house in Mexico get ready to try a lot different dishes. In any event you host be ready to have a delicious feast! Don’t worry about being new to this gastronomic experience. Usually local people know very well all the recipes, any question you might have they’ll be happy to share with you.  


On the other hand get ready to learn a lot. Since it is a particularly large country, Mexico has diversity in every aspect of its composition. History and art play an important role in understanding Mexico’s lifestyle. In addition to this you must get ready to travel all over the country. Since the divisions work by state, every single one is different. Geography, culture and resources vary from tip to toe. 

I could keep going on and on about all the wonders you’ll find here. Of course this is just a tad of it all. Once you get to experience it you won’t regret it. As soon as you get to buy a house in Mexico the journey starts.