We all love having something to drink, but we might get tired of having the same thing over and over. Now picture this. You are at your new home, could be accompanied by your partner, your friends, family or spending time with yourself. Once you have put on your favorite playlist, you want to get in the mood of something homey… We have the best solution for you. In this article you will find the best drink to enjoy this spring at your new home by the beach! Let’s get started with the recipe!

Spring – Blue ocean coconut tea

This is a magical drink!

Inspite the magical colors, this drink’s allure is based on pure science. But who said science can’t be fun?

Truly, the magical  aesthetic in this recipe comes from a little blue flower native to Southeast Asia named butterfly pea. Tea made from these flowers is a gorgeous sapphire blue color. It contains a high concentration of a blue-violet pigment called anthocyanin. However, the color of this pigment relies on the acidity of its environment. When the pH of the blue tea is changed, -could be by the addition of any citrus or any acidic fruit-, it turns into a vibrant magenta color. In other words, on one hand, it starts out blue. In addition with an acidic ingredient it slowly changes to purple and then magenta, as the environment gets more acidic. I told you science is fun! And we have the perfect recipe for you to prepare this at home!

Step by step

First, in your tea pot add butterfly pea flowers and filtered water. Bring to a boil. Remove from the heat, cover and let it sit for 10 minutes.

  1. First, to serve, fill glasses with ice.
  2. Add a third of a cup of coconut milk
  3. Next, add about a handful of blueberries, lemon slices and fresh mint.
  4. Smash and mix them a bit all together into the coconut milk using a spoon
  5. Pour cooled butterfly pea syrup into glass, filling the rest of the glass
  6. Finally, add agave syrup to taste and enjoy!

This makes for the perfect drink of this spring, a great way to start 2021. This drink’s aesthetic matches perfectly the vibe of your new home by the beach. Everybody will feel welcomed and amazed when visiting your new home by the beach. In conclusion, not only will the view be amazing but also the palate will be pampered with this unusual yet intriguing tea.