Real Estate in Los Cabos

This time we will talk about the most famous properties in Cabo. The highest real estate in Los Cabos belongs to the following celebrities. In this case we chose to show you the finnest homes.

It all started with a vacation trip to Cabo with a couple friends. George Clooney, very well known for his acting career. Specially for his performance in Gravity, movie that won 7 Oscar’s academy awards. Among with his friend Rande Gerber they both were in Cabo. hhhwred by Cabo’s charm they decided to get a piece of land and build the house of their dreams. This location is just one flight away from Los Angeles, which is very convinient for all of them.

Perhaps you are wondering how did this project worked together. Although they wanted to have a property together this wasn’t very convinent. Basically because they both have a life apart from one another. However, they could figure out a way they could be comfortably next to each other. They builded a property were Clooney had his own space. Likewise Gerber and his wife, the supermodel Cindy Crawford, have their own part of the property as Real Estate in Los Cabos.

The architect Ricardo Legorreta created the perfect clubhouse for them. Obviously this represented a challenge but it was successfully accomplished. Architect Ricardo Legorreta created a whole new concept for the Real Estate in Los Cabos. George and Rande loved the result. They would have a hybrid of two properties with cool common areas. Surely they had to name it in a very cool way. As a result of the whole project they named it Casamigos.

Cabo is Magnificent and always will be

Cabo is a place that always will be the dream place of celebrities due its magic surroundings, its ambiance and the amazing landscapes covered by the magnificent sunsets.