On this occasion I present to you some tips to plan the purchase of your dream home. Most of us desire to live ocean front and enjoy the tropical weather. Once you have a couple options to choose from, you must check a couple things. Following this tips will get you the perfect beachfront property in Mexico

First you have to see the land it is located at. Erotion is an issue we want to stay away from. Of course it is nice to have tides knocking at your front door, but you might want to be a little bit further from them. You have to make sure your new beachfront property in Mexico, has at least six feet of elevation from the ground. Most important thing is to be 20 meters away from the swash zone. At least If your house is placed at least a couple meters apart from the wrack line, you won’t have any trouble when the tide rises. In addition, make sure the beachfront property in Mexico doesn’t have a rocky beach. In reality a rocky beach is just a coastline. Not to mention that it is hard to navigate. Rocks are a very clear sign of erotion. 

Important to realize is that you must have an outdoors shower. Certainly will come in handy any time you come back from the beach at your brand new beachfront property in Mexico. Nobody wants the inside of the house to be full of sand. Particularly if you have little kids or pets this will be a very useful tool. In addition to this you also need to check for a storage area. This won’t just be useful for your car like a garage, but also for keeping bikes, sunshades, kayaks and so. Unless you want your belongings to get all rusty you must have a storage place at your new beachfront property in Mexico.