This time I want you to think of a Mexican home. You might picture the stereotype Hollywood portrays. Although this is similar to some existing households. It is just a hyperbole of the reality. To illustrate this better we will learn more about Mexican architecture.


Plenty of Mexico’s homes have been designated as World Heritage. Earned because of their historical and artistic significance. I.e remarkable architectural structures. Different cultures gave birth to this creations. They collided and enriched art works of the time.

For instance, the colonial period resulted in various architectural styles. Resulting in hacienda buildings with Mozarabic elements. This details can take your Mexican property to the next level. Different artistic finishes were used during this time. The most famous are “estucado”, “talavera” and “churrigueresque”. The case of downtown Mexico city is a perfect example.

Modern And Mundane

Contemporary creations have a different approach. To demonstrate a perfect example of this let’s see two examples. First, is the studio designed by Juan O’Gorman. Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera created very well known art works here. This studio is fine example of vanguard architecture. It is open to public as a touristic spot in the city. It’s blue hues are representative of Coyoacan. Come visit it and try some street food as well! You won’t regret it.

On the other hand is “Casa club Moncayo” project. Following a new style and sense of living. This Mexican property has a very characteristic volume and distribution. It is located in Mexico city. Unquestionably showcases the beauty of recreational architecture. This property is recognized among architects.

Certainly this are just very few examples. Albeit there is a vast amount of different styles existing. However they are good for picturing the interesting existing options. Here you can find a Mexican property ideal for you. This country’s architecture is just as diverse as its culture. You should see it’s beauty by yourself!

Now that you have all of this explanation very detail of the lovely architecture is easier for you to choose your brand new Mexican property.