First we start by talking about Los Cabos and then about your House in Cabo. Beautiful place located at the southern tip of Mexico’s state of Baja California Sur. The main draw is the climate and geography, where desert meets the sea. Along with activities such as sport fishing, resorts and golf. Due to its aesthetics and attractions over two million people visit Los Cabos each year!
When you think about investing in a house in Cabo plenty of questions can come up. One of them could be, how to make a new place feel like home?
For that reason, we have a few tips for you on how to get started!
From the bottom to the top!
Contrary to what most people think paint is the last thing you pick. That’s right! Most designers recomend you start from the bottom to the top. Whether it is choosing your favorite floor tiles from scratch or selecting the perfect rug. You will find it more practical to start building each room’s vibe by creating layers to work on. Based on the geographical characteristics of your future house in Cabo, we recomend you a wooden tile and a flat colorful rug!


In addition to this, you have to create a focal point in every room. It has to be a wall to which the eye is naturally drawn to. This doesn’t mean only painting this chosen wall with a different color. Although it might help, we also recomend more interesting items such as an oversized piece of artwork. Based on the item of attention you decide to use you can start to arrange your furniture. We suggest a big mirror. As it will totally use all the natural light of the desert and maximize it in the room.


Equally important, you must keep in mind the visual balance. This means leveling out the visual weight, whether you prefer symmetry or a more asymmetric look. For inspiration you can follow a desertic pattern. Your house in Cabo will look fresh and sophisticated if you stick to its natural motherland palette in a subtle but vibrant way.

Be you!

Lastly you want to portray your personality! Your house in Cabo has to be a comfortable place for you. Whenever your friends and family visit you they will be amazed by your stylish home if you follow this tips. Remember a new home is a fresh start and a world full possibilities.