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Houses Mexico – V Tulum

  • Property type: Apartment
  • Offer type: For Sale , Presale
  • City: Tulum
  • Zip Code: 77776
  • Bedrooms: 1
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Property size: 50m2 ft²
  • Year: 2021
  • 17 Apartment of 62m2 plus garden and balcony
  • 6 apartments of 58.6m2 plus garden and balcony
  • 4 apartments of 50m2 plus garden and balcony
  • 3 rooftops with pools, kitchenette, bathroom, and deck


  • Air Conditioning
  • Assigned parking
  • Balcony


Houses Mexico

Houses Mexico V Tulum apartments are the magic of a place that received and transform soul searching minds. They have the energies that encounter perfect shelter to heal the body at the time they wake up the minds and develop new ideas as well creating dreams.

EMES U CUCH A PPIC A PIXAN “A              

What to expect as local being when buying Houses Mexico

Because being local represents connect with Tulum and its goodness; be local represents search protect a little of the magic of this place, of the Tulum life. As a result, you will adore to walk on the paths that lead to a serene day. That leads that to walk to the beach is a perfect way to enjoy the day; since Tulum is very quiet and lovely place where local people are happy to spend the day just chilling in Houses Mexico.


Indulge yourself by listening ancient stories. Because tasting typical famous meals of Yucatan such as Chile habanero, cochinita pibil, and so many more delicious food. You have no idea how big is the variety of delicious meals, most of them are natural, fresh and hand made by the locals. Tastes such as Relleno negro… wooow you will get in love with it!!

What about the Condo?

You got to know that this Condo has 17 apartments 1078 m2 total construction. The project it’s being designed for you. You have found the perfect place to start a life in context of harmony with the environment.

It is a building with a triangular architectural shape, three levels of height + Rooftop (at 3.2m each slab). This is one of the best options as Houses Mexico to buy due its location is so close to the beach is a perfect way to live a better life due the turquoise colors of the sea.

Cenotes in Tulum

Another beautiful thing about it is that the white sand brings up unforgettable moments spent on it. Tulum has many beauties and now we are talking about the secret life of Cenotes beside the beaches. This Cenotes were thought by the Mayan ancestral people as secret places; as well a door to the infra world were you will share an amazing day sun free by feeling the blue fishes kissing your feet is an amazing experience so special that you will free your mind of the outer world



Apartment for sale 62b

Apartment 62a

apartment 50

apartment 58

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  • Published: August 6, 2020
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