Modern Mexico is a country that maintains its typical color and its historical human warmth, the taste is magical, the drinks delight the soul and make joyful moments as only Mexicans know how to live. Mexicans are very proud of our country, our ancestral traditions, typical costumes and our heart, flora and fauna are key in our environment as we are surrounded by vegetation, deserts, seas, jungle, forest, which makes our country the most wonderful country in the world.

Our ancestors left us a great historical heritage as are our archaeology throughout the territorial extension, culinary gifts and gift of service. There are things that have been kept present in representing our beautiful country, tequila, mezcal, are more exclusive discoveries that bring families, friends and an entire community together in a warm gathering, Mexican customs such as Sunday meetings in Grandma’s house, stews in clay pots, each of our typical meals are prepared with the soul at every season.

There are a thousand and one reasons to visit and live Mexico over and over again… Mexico is always waiting for you with a smile and open arms.